2017 GardenTalks

Keyport Borough Hall - 70 West Front Street, Keyport NJ 07735

The GardenTalks are free but since seating is limited we ask you to please pre-register by using the form below or emailing info@keyportgardenwalk.org

Please indicate which GardenTalk you would like to attend.   

Saturday, June 2nd & Sunday, June 3rd, 2018

11:00AM - 3:00PM       GardenTalks - 9:30AM

​​​Keyport GardenWalk


Saturday, June 3rd - 9:30am- "Nature’s Best Kept Secret - Alexander von Humboldt"

Christan Summers - Join us for this fascinating talk about Alexander von Humboldt - a Prussian naturalist, artist, explorer and geographer.  He served as inspiration to both Charles Darwin and John Muir.  We will learn of von Humboldt's travels through South America and the impact he had on nature and the science of plants.  Our speaker, Christan Summers, is the owner of Tula House in Brooklyn.  A self-taught horticulturist with an MBA in business and marketing, she has lived in Paris and Bangkok, sold flowers on Martha’s Vineyard, swum with sharks, and worked  in the worlds of jewelry, e-commerce and advertising. She founded Tula in 2016.  Christan will have plants from Tula for sale after the GardenTalk.  

Visit Tula House for more information.

Sunday, June 4th - 9:30am - "All the Presidents' Gardens"

Marta McDowell - Marta McDowell teaches landscape history and horticulture at the New York Botanical Garden and consults for private clients and public gardens.  Timber Press published Beatrix Potter’s Gardening Life, which won a 2014 Gold Award from the Garden Writers Association. Her first book, Emily Dickinson’s Gardens, came out in 2005. Her latest is on the history of American gardening as seen through the White House grounds, All the Presidents’ Gardens, and she is working on a new book for Timber Press with the working title: A Wilder Garden: The Plants and Places of Laura Ingalls Wilder. Please visit her website - http://www.martamcdowell.com for more information.