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Thank you for making Keyport GardenWalk 2019 a success! We loved hosting you!

Saturday, June 2nd - 9:30am"Gardens of the Cotswolds - Inspirations and Lessons ... "

Kirsty Dougherty and Erin Koberle - Go on a visual journey through the Cotswolds exploring the English love of gardening. Be inspired by gorgeous gardens and get design insights into what makes these gardens so appealing and how you can create similar results at home. With Kirsty Dougherty of Noble Garden Tours and local garden designer Erin Koberle.

​​​Sunday, June 3rd - 9:30am "Backyard Birds and Beyond"

Ed Norman - Riegelsville Pennsylvania resident Ed Norman has been a birder since he was a teenager and a photographer ever since he took a Black & White Photography course in college. It wasn’t until he retired 7 years ago that he finally put his two passions together.  Ed joined the local Bucks County Birders club and saw a program of wonderful bird photographs by a local birder/photographer who invited him to come along on one of his excursions. Ed was hooked. He now spends his time chasing birds wherever appropriate habitat occurs from his backyard to Alaska and Florida and back.

Ed has challenged himself to make more than just good “Guide Book” photos but to show the bird’s  personality as they interact with their environment, each other and with we humans. Birds in flight are a particular interest.

Ed is a volunteer with the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s  Peregrine Falcon  reintroduction program where he photographs adult Falcons at nest sites around the state.  He is tasked with getting photographs of the bird’s   leg bands, if any, so they can be tracked for population studies. He regularly contributes photos to the Macaulay Library's Online Archive of Biodiversity Media at Cornell University.  Ed also donates his photos to a wide variety of environmental organizations.

Ed and his wife Mary Jane live in Riegelsville, Bucks County, Pa. They have 4 children and nine grandchildren.  

2018 GardenTalks

Keyport Borough Hall - 70 West Front Street, Keyport NJ 07735

The GardenTalks are free but since seating is limited we ask you to please pre-register by using the form below or emailing

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Complimentary coffee/nibbles starting at 9:00am! 

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