We can't wait to welcome you to the gardens!

 "What a great weekend.....perfect weather, wonderful visitors and great fun overall....Both my husband and are are so glad that we participated in this years Garden Walk."

​“What a beautiful day with beautiful gardens!!” 

​"What a wonderful two days of visiting fantastic gardens and meeting wonderful people. Thank you to the gardeners, and the garden club for another great Keyport Garden Walk. Love it!"

"Awesome effort, joyful visitors, beautiful gardens."

"If you have never been to the Keyport NJ Garden Walk, then you have missed the best of what the Raritan Bay has to offer."
​"Thank you so much to the members of the Keyport Garden Club and the wonderful homeowners who so graciously opened their beautiful gardens to the public. I'm looking forward rain or shine tomorrow to start my day with another great garden talk and visiting the gardens I missed today."

"Such a wonderful day seeing these beautiful gardens. Hidden treasures and places of peace; Loved it!"

“Thank you to all the gardeners who opened their yards to us who love to see what other gardeners are doing. Your gardens were beautiful & I came away with some new ideas for my garden.” 

​“We had a great time!!!!! Never knew Keyport had such great houses with awesome views and beautiful gardens! And the owner of the homes were so nice to talk too! So glad we attended!!!” 

​“KEYPORT: what a beautiful day to walk around Keyport, New Jersey and see the waterfront and historic homes with pretty gardens hosted by Keyport Garden Walk !
If you didn't get there today, check it out tomorrow, Sunday, 6/4 from 11:00-3:00!

"The Keyport GardenWalk was incredible!"

Pick up the garden guide at the Keyport Waterfront Park and the gazebo! The dog/pet friendly gardens are noted in the guide.” 

​“This weekend was the annual Keyport Garden Walk, and we couldn't have asked for better weather for it! It was so great to meander through town and chat with the homeowners!” ​​


Enjoy these comments from past Keyport GardenWalk visitors. It's two lovely days in our Bayshore town. Pet friendly. Bike friendly. Keyport friendly. And all free. 

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Thank you for making Keyport GardenWalk 2019 a success! We loved hosting you!